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NMEA Module

Type Module
Namespace zdGPSKit

This module contains all classes that have to do with the NMEA 0183 standard.

Some useful links about NMEA:



Parser NMEA sentence parser ( thread )
Sentence Parent class for all other NMEA sentence classes

General Purpose Sentences

GPAAM Waypoint arrival alarm
GPBOD Bearing Origin to Destination
GPDPT Depth from transducer
GPGGA Essential fix data 3D and accuracy
GPGLL Longitude, latitude and fix mode
GPGSA GPS DOP and active satellites
GPGSV Satelittes in view
GPRMC Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data
GPVTG Track made good and ground speed
GPZDA UTC time, date & GMT offset

Garmin Proprietary Sentences

PGRME Estimated Position Error
PGRMF Position fix data
PGRMZ Altitude in feet

Magellan Proprietary Sentences

PMGNST Device system information


Since NMEA 0183 v2.3, some sentences have been given a new parameter called 'Mode Indicator'. This parameter represents the way the values that are in the sentence have been obtained. Each derived sentence that provide this parameter will have a ModeIndicator method that returns a value that you can compare with the constants describe in the table below.

Mode Indicator

Name Value Description
kModeIndicatorAutonomous “A” The values have been obtained by the device and no other mechanism
kModeIndicatorDifferential “D” The values have been obtained using the differential GPS mode (DGPS)
kModeIndicatorEstimated “E” The values have been estimated by using the last known values
kModeIndicatorNotValid “N” The values are not valid
kModeIndicatorSimulator “S” The values come from a simulation mode

Hemisphere Letters

Name Value Description
kHemisphereEast “E” East Hemisphere
kHemisphereNorth “N” North Hemisphere
kHemisphereSouth “S” South Hemisphere
kHemisphereWest “W” West Hemisphere
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