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zdGPSKit Module

Type Module
Namespace This module is the namespace root for GPSkit


These modules are used to provide the namespace integration.

DataProviders The classes providing the data from the GPS device
Geo All the geodetics related classes
NMEA the NMEA 0183 helper classes
TextOut Garmin's Simple Text Output protocol helper classes

Class Interfaces


Fix Holds all informations about the positioning and motion provided by the GPS device.
EasyDeviceConnection “automagically” build a connection with a GPS device
GPSKitException Used to handle GPSkit error
GPSSatellite A data model class representing a GPS satellite.



IsIntegerNumber( Extends extValue As Double ) As Boolean
IsIntegerNumber( inValue As Double ) As Boolean

Returns True if extValue/inValue is an Integer number.

Evaluating the Double value doesn't involve any down conversion to a Xojo's Integer type.

Dim b As Boolean
Dim foo As Double

foo = 3
b = zdGPSKit.IsIntegerNumber( d ) // b is True

foo = -145
b = d.IsIntegerNumber // b is True

foo = 12.345
b = d.IsIntegerNumber // b is False


Truncate( Extends extValue As Double ) As Double
Truncate( inValue As Double ) As Double

Returns the Integer part of a Double, but as a Double.


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